BOB’s Lobster, London Bridge.

BOB’s Lobster is a quite a catch, super fresh seafood in a modern diner setting and with some very inventive dishes that don’t all involve the lobster.

As I get older I find myself more and more doing that mindless humming thing, not even aware I am doing it, at least until I catch people looking at me with the ‘who’s the loon?’ expression.

I was humming again going into BOB’s Lobster, but this time I was humming the B-52’s classic ‘Rock Lobster’. It was impossible not to. Continue reading

Fraq’s Lobster Shack

55 Goodge Street, London, W1T 1TQ

2M5A8902I must be getting old, the first thing that hits me on entering Fraq is the noise; I can barely hear what the girl in charge of opening the door is saying to me. It isn’t so much the people making noise as the music, it’s club-loud. This may be a good idea in the evening when the majority of customers will probably be under 25 and on their way somewhere exciting, but at lunch it has us having second thoughts straightaway.

But undaunted we  push through a crowd of young men in beards, and young girls in those still popular ‘cute’ bobble hats, to a table somewhat larger than a napkin, We’d ordered at the cooking counter, it wasn’t a  difficult moment; Maine Lobster Roll or Calamari Club?  Fries and/or fried courgette strips?  A craft bottle beer? Continue reading

The world’s most expensive lobster

Is £2700 for a kilo of lobster a bit pricey? Not when it’s a very special shellfish finds, Nick Harman.

The car radio suddenly yells to life with an important traffic update. ‘A main road is blocked, cars and lorries are backing up fast, delays for the morning rush hour will be enormous’, says the announcer. My driver turns the radio down as he explains what’s happened.

Gothenburg fish sheds

Gothenburg fish sheds

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